May 4, 2009

Steps forward

We had our first Santa Barbara gig tonight. For being out of town, we managed a good sized crowd; made a lot of new friends. It was a good check point for me. The car ride home allowed us lots of conversation about the next steps. I feel like we've been taking "next steps" for a while now, but we've cleared the brush from the path and it's clear where we need to go.

I never thought I'd be in a band. Can I say that? Is this thing on? Acting was my passion, that's the road I was taking when Sonos hopped up in my lap and starting panting. Its face was too cute to deny, but it has since brought to my attention a string of challenges I never thought of before. What I'm saying is Sonos is a new puppy. A puppy that sometimes pees on my carpet, but that also brings me great joy. Being a musician, a performer, a new dog owner - requires a lot of a person. New challenges all the time.

First step: Time for a haircut.

Actually, the first step is to finish my new arrangement. Haircut can be fourth step.

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  1. Paul, you're going to get a haircut? Why why why?? :-)