November 27, 2010

the sonos mascot, and his big brother, paul

Just rode in a real live Woodie!! :D

So Chris' dad has a "Woodie"!! And we went for a jaunt in it up and down the coast today :) I've never ridden in one, but I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty much the shit. And apparently his car's a big deal down here in San Diego. They have a club and everything. One of the highlights of my Thanksgiving Break :)

new merch??

Whadaya think?
It's a wrist cuff or bracelet :) or could be a patch. very versatile ;)
Stay tuned for more handmade Sonos merch stuff. We're also gonna design some new t-shirts!! Woohooo!
Happy Thanksgiving :) (I figure I can fit in a week of wishing people "Happy Thanksgiving" cause it's officially "the Holidays". Right?)
Rachel from Sonos

November 23, 2010

puma: first round

so i'm addicted to these shoes.

is that stupid?
this is pair number three...

November 12, 2010


= the absolute bomb

November 4, 2010

"Winter Album's coming the goose is getting fat...

Please put a penny in the Sonos hat
If you haven't got a penny a million bucks will do
If you haven't got a million bucks it sucks for me and you."

I hope you recognize that old carol cause if you don't then the joke doesn't work one bit. Hahaha!

Hi! December Songs is almost out!!! woooohooooooo! But you can pre-order it on Amazon and listen to clips of the songs. Check it out and write a review - those really make a big difference. You, the fans, make the biggest difference. So tell your friends and coworkers and lets get this buzz going!!

Rachel from Sonos

November 2, 2010

sitting back stage with gallagher

THE gallagher
he's got all kinds of food and the sledge-o-matic on a cart, ready to go
we go on right before him, at the very end of the line-up

we've... made it? =)