December 30, 2009


Still in Oklahoma. The resting is nice and very needed. My favorite Christmas present was that it snowed on Christmas Eve :) snowed again last night!! The best thing ever :)

December 21, 2009

the best usage of pvc pipes

So, my nieces introduced me to their newest favorite game. "Guns" - as they like to call it - god, am I from Oklahoma or what?! But instead of toy guns or nerf guns. They (with the help of their brilliant parents) have made weapons of their own out of PVC pipe and marshmallows. They end up being "blow-dart" marshmallow guns! Ingenious.

All I can say is, I'm bringing 'em on tour.

December 20, 2009

Going Home for the Holidays

In the Dallas airport, heading back to the land of Tele-evangelists and sod farmers. Quite a change from LA. Haha!

So, my flight was at 6 am this morning... Yeah, I'm not sure what possesed me to do that? Not sure how I thought, "Perfect! Great idea!" And now here I am, running on teeny tiny hours of sleep and (of course, and Kathy, you will totally understand this) Starbucks coffee.

I just feel sorry for my neighbors on the last plane, I'm just sure I drooled on them. At one point I woke up to them laughing at me because me head kept falling over. You know the point of exhaustion where you loose muscle control. Your body is yelling at you "lie the fuck down, dammit".

I don't blame them for laughing. Dude, that shit is hilarious.I only wish it had been flip cammed by Paul! Hahaha! Brilliant.

Actually, though, there may be a good chance of that happening because in January we are off on the road again until the summer basically. Flip cam footage will be bursting at the seams! And I'm sure many histarical, embarrassing, and wonderful moments will be captured for all you lovelies to see :)

Oh and p.s. Pumpkin
Spice?? Best fuckin' coffee on the planet. If you have not done so you must put it on your insides. Do it now!! :)

Off to get on the plane to head to Tulsa. Wonder if the Christmas tree is already the past we have waited until Christmas Eve and the tree ends up being one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees. You know - "All it needs is a little love." Those are the best:)

Merry Christmas!Happy Chanukkah! Happy Kwanza! The whole nine yards! But more importantly, "Peace on Earth." Xx
Love love love

December 17, 2009

kick you in the face awesome grilled cheese

Do it. Do it now. Pete's Cafe and Bar downtown. 400 S. Main St. Mozzerella, cheddar, blue, goat cheese,and sweet sweet caramelized onions. All with an amazing creamy tomatoe soup. I mean, come on!! Put. It. Inside. You. On your insides. Put.

December 11, 2009

Dance to the Music

Yes, I Google myself from time to time. Don't tell me you haven't. Oftentimes it has led to me discovering something I didn't even expect to find. Just moments ago I was scouring YouTube for Sonos. What follows is the last thing I expected...

Suffice it to say that was pretty cool. Weird, seeing us out of the context of my iTunes player or live: at rehearsal. I often forget that other people know our music; that strangers have purchased this album and God forbid listen to it once and a while. But here we have people DANCING to it. You hear that world? People are dancing to a cappella!

What marks this as particularly timely is that this ballet class was not the first one with this idea. In the new year, we will be embarking on a live collaboration with the LA Contemporary Dance Co. ( and stage/opera director David Bridel, part of which will premiere at the Ford Amphitheater in the summer.

Back in my days of cruise ship barbershop or high school jazz choir, the notion of people moving to vocal music was distant. Now it's only a mouse click away.

December 8, 2009

Protools Shmotools

So here's the thing. I'm gonna own Protools. And by "own" I mean, be the ultimate master Jedi of them. Gabriel Mann and his protege, Christopher GIven Harrison will be proud.

Soooo here's the other thing...i need any hook-ups :) :) :)

Look. I just want to record for all you wonderful people Xxx

Oh and another thing...
I have a passport to Disneyland and I really want to go before we get back on the road again. Anyone wanna come with?? :)

In Its Right Place

I was given the task of editing our first original video. I like editing. Heck, I love it. The basic human instincts of food consumption, relieving oneself or sleeping are put off when deeply entrenched in an editing project. Thus, it took less than 24 total hours (a very concentrated 24 hours) to complete. At the outset I was overwhelmed with the thought of scouring upwards of 200 individual flip cam video files in order to boil them down to a two-and-a-half-minute summation of 'Sonos on the road.' And yet only minutes into the process I discovered something unexpected. Waves of nostalgia flooded over me. Memories of long forgotten moments rushed back reminding me how special these last few months have been. The sights we've seen, the places we've played, the moments we've mustered... I'm grateful. As the year rolls to a stop, I often reflect on the year I've been through and on what's to come. As a group we've hit our share of road bumps, as any creative collective does. But this video provides, to me, a reminder of what is great about being a part of something creative. Even this video is a creative act. As I cut or moved clips around they began landing 'in place.' Footage would line up magically with the track as if it had found its home. It belonged, it fit, until everything was in its right place. The way it should be, or at least the way it's going to be. And really, aren't they the same? In a way I guess I now feel that way about myself in Sonos. We all bring different abilities and perspectives forming us into this collective, each with our own voice. A vocal collective. This video reflects that - us in our own way, as we are. Seeing this surprised me, an effect I didn't foresee. Then again, no one can really notice how great something is in the moment. That is, if they're really living in it.
I'll leave the rest to the flip cam.

December 6, 2009

Ode to the UK

To all our lovely fans over in the UK - we have two, yes TWO, lovely wintery tracks going up on UK iTunes tomorrow! Here is the link to make it quick & easy for you. We'll be hopping over there in late January for some gigs so stay updated :) Here is the link...

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