February 17, 2011

a wave of inspiration

Still feeling the East Coast time change...was planning on going to bed over 2 hours ago. What am I doing? Writing, writing, writing. A wave on inspiration crashed over me. And when they come you have to ride them. Ride them like a wave.
Sometimes there are so many ideas flooding my brain that I feel like I'm in a dream world trying to catch these fairies darting about. That. Is the Muse. She keeps you up at night and sometimes even wakes you from sleep.

I've been waiting for her to come back. Hope she stays a while :)

February 16, 2011

15 days on, 14 days off (or so...)

the point is, home for 2 weeks!

tired, overwhelmed, happy to be back in LA and to begin work on the next record...
entirely original stuff! wonder if i'll rework any of the wordless pieces from Gods & Marionettes, give them lyrics, and make songs out of em...

we shall see. friends, loved ones, and the universe have all transpired to give Rach and i a place to stay for these bits when we're home, and i am so incredibly grateful. i feel intensely fortunate and inclined to not waste a moment.

get work done!

February 8, 2011

tickets for sale!!

Tickets are officially on sale for our Feb. 23rd show in LA. It's at the Bootleg Theater and it's Paul's last show! Let's send him off with a blast :)
Come out and let's make it a crazy night!! There are some special music in store :)

beautiful house in the country, just outside Washington DC

it is quiet, peaceful, gentle, clean, and clear here. very easy to focus and to remain relaxed.
last night our host introduced us to a game called "Settlers of Catan" (which Ben knew how to play already).
five minutes in, i was bored to death and was ready to quit.
15 minutes in i was addicted. =)