January 26, 2010

Life is Better with Music

I exited the Circle Line tube station with Cornish pasty in hand. Under my arms hung a box of cds and a pedal board, journeying with me to gig number two of our London leg. My iPod shuffled its way from Turnpike Lane thirteen stops to South Kensington and waited with me the six or seven minutes I stood in the cold awaiting my train. We had reached our pinnacle point; intellectually I leapt from the hurried tunnel out into the busied light of day. High Street Kensington was bustling: lanes of scurrying traffic, double decker buses pushing their right of way through; sidewalks of shoppers and well-to-doers; store fronts aglow with earnest yearning; and finally, me. And my iPod. Oscar Peterson’s “Fly Me To The Moon” began. The perfect serenade to the beginning of a lovely day. Despite the rush around me – the honking horns, the foot steps and the chatter – I found peace. My hands were full, my feet sore and tired, hunger pangs begging me to eat the pasty, and yet I was serene. I had a soundtrack. My life was larger than simply because I was being accompanied. My heart was full of song indeed, as were my ears. Perhaps they’re one in the same. I am in London to create music. I could not ask for a better life.

*Video from Sundance 2010

January 21, 2010

snuggled up in the airport

There are two things I cannot do. Control the weather and fly airplanes. Ahhh must add to my to do list.

So the six of us are sitting on the floor @ the Burbank Airport (weather delays in LA???) wishing we were en route to Vegas where we would then toast to a safe flight, waste money on the slots in the terminal and hop on another flight to snowy Salt Lake City for two gigs at Sundance!! Instead we're waiting in the airport....an activity that transcends time and space, where only the most pleasant emotions swirl around in the air...anxiety, anger and boredom. Did I mention boredom?

In all seriousness, we are in great spirits :) I really just wish I had a pink Snuggie right now.

** Disclaimer: This Snuggie is not mine...though I wish it was!! Why do they get such a bad rap? They are amazing. This Snuggie was generously provided by Ben's brother Lincoln who we stayed with in DC, and as he pointed out, it's really just a robe worn backwards. Duh. I want one.

January 5, 2010


giving a heart-felt shout-out to this gal for rocking a music video to our track.

thanks lady! =)


January 2, 2010

top o the morning, hola, bonjour and hello in a variety of other languages

Hello everyone!! This post will be short & sweet :) I've been in Europe for over a week now, roughing it & making merry from the pubs of Dublin to the cobble stone streets of Lisbon, Portugal to the insanity of New Years in Barcelona to some yummy chocolate in Basel, Switz to the snowy, cathedrals and crepes of Strasbourg, France. Thinking about training it to Paris tomorrow for the day but sure my bankaccount is feeling well enough to accomodate that.

My favorite place so far has been Lisbon...what a beautiful amazing place. Please go here if you can, though probably best in the summer. We were very lucky because we had some locals with us who showed us all of the best places to eat, drink and be merry, though our accomodations were a little rough...2 towels to shower with for about 8 people for 5 days. Interesting to say the least! Inspired to learn Portuguese...perhaps something Sonos can explore through song :)

This post is silly because it's about 10 degrees here and my brain isn't quite working. I've taken a ridiculous amount of pictures that I look forward to posting upon my return :) It's been an amazing trip but I'm ready to get back to lalaland, regroup sonos style and head out on tour!!!!

xo jess