January 2, 2010

top o the morning, hola, bonjour and hello in a variety of other languages

Hello everyone!! This post will be short & sweet :) I've been in Europe for over a week now, roughing it & making merry from the pubs of Dublin to the cobble stone streets of Lisbon, Portugal to the insanity of New Years in Barcelona to some yummy chocolate in Basel, Switz to the snowy, cathedrals and crepes of Strasbourg, France. Thinking about training it to Paris tomorrow for the day but sure my bankaccount is feeling well enough to accomodate that.

My favorite place so far has been Lisbon...what a beautiful amazing place. Please go here if you can, though probably best in the summer. We were very lucky because we had some locals with us who showed us all of the best places to eat, drink and be merry, though our accomodations were a little rough...2 towels to shower with for about 8 people for 5 days. Interesting to say the least! Inspired to learn Portuguese...perhaps something Sonos can explore through song :)

This post is silly because it's about 10 degrees here and my brain isn't quite working. I've taken a ridiculous amount of pictures that I look forward to posting upon my return :) It's been an amazing trip but I'm ready to get back to lalaland, regroup sonos style and head out on tour!!!!

xo jess

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  1. Hi Jessica, I hope this message gets to you soon, I wasn't sure what the best way to contact a member of Sonos was. My name is Kendall Young and I am part of a high school a cappella group "Eleventh Hour". We are big fans of your group and fell in love with your latest song "I want you back". We would love to get in contact and talk about using the chart for "I want you back". It would be an honor to sing one of Sonos's pieces. If you'd like to learn more about us our latest CD, "Like Clockwork" is on acatunes and we also have a facebook page. I can see from your blog Sonos is quite busy, but if you could take the time to email me we would be so grateful. My email is kmaria730@aol.com. Thank you very much and Happy New Year.