October 5, 2011

steve jobs

my favorite living genius just passed away. it's a very strange mixed sadness i'm feeling. feels sort of like my favorite composer just died, or maybe even the inventor of the piano or the guitar or singing. just about every creative act i take part in other than live performance is executed using tools he created and refined. feels weird to write so heavy-handedly about it, but the apple computer has played an enormous role in my creative development since childhood. my dad brought home an Apple 2GS in the mid-eighties and i was on it constantly. i was mezmerized by LOGO and even used it to write my papers in jr high. in the early nineties, we got an Apple Quadra 660AV. i logged hours scouring CD-ROMS of the encyclopedia, playing games, and using Claris Works to draw and design. in 2000, i got my first iBook and to avoid a much more lengthy explanation, it made college a possibility for me. it was then that i got my first copies of finale and protools. since then, i've been writing, recording, mixing, producing, notating, and listening to music constantly. all on the apple computer. i feel that my life would have gone in a much different direction had i been without the device that i'm typing on right now. it's been the means by which i've brought almost every creative idea i've had in the last 25 years to fruition.

so long, buddy. thank you for giving my creative mind an enormous vocabulary and a voice box. =)