June 25, 2009


Today made me very sad :(

I wanted to write a little something about Michael Jackson, because it seemed appropriate, if not necessary. Obviously we (Sonos) have a special place for Michael & co. because of our cover of "I Want You Back", but I think I speak for everyone when I say that he was a huge inspiration to all of us even before we did that cover. It's been a really weird day to say the least, and figuring out how to deal with this surely is a struggle for everybody. I thought it would be best to share a few of my favorite songs, etc., and remember and realize that he was so so wonderful.

Believe it or not, my first concert ever was a Michael Jackson concert. I was probably about 5 or 6, and my family lived in London at the time. My mother took me to the concert, and although I don't remember much, I do remember having an amazing time, not only watching the show, but also realizing for the first time the majestic level of grandeur that a live musical event could rise to (although I'm sure at 6 years old it didn't quite go through my brain like that). We were sitting so far away, and the guy next to us gave us some binoculars to look through. I'm sure somewhere my mom as photos or a ticket stub that it would be so cool to get my hands on.

I think Michael Jackson is one of the few people/artists whose music is known & loved by LITERALLY everybody in the world. How cool is that? At a club or a party, everybody wants to dance to his songs. I really feel like he created undeniable magic through his music, and especially when he performed.

There are obviously sooooooooooooo many amazing MJ songs, but here are some of my favs (in no particular order):

- Thriller: Duh. This is every one's favorite. One thing that goes unnoticed in this song is the series of crazy harmonic changes that happen towards the end, at the end of one of the choruses. They are SO COOL! Seriously go listen if you have never noticed.

- Man in the Mirror: So so wonderful. It would be nice to give this a listen again, especially today. I think this song is especially inspiring.

- Rock With You: One of the first MJ songs I fell in love with, but again didn't realize its complexity until later on. It's such good pop music, and I love love love all the complex chords - I know that sounds nerdy but come one. It's all so tasty.

I guess that is one of the main reasons why I love MJ. All my life I've mainly listened to two kinds of music: Pop and Jazz (separately, not my fav when they are distastefully combined). One thing that is so often lacking in pop music is musical complexity - Sometimes it seems like writers get lazy, and in so many pop songs it seems like there is just a plain lack of creativity. BUT NEVER in Michael's songs. Instead I feel like every single one is bursting with creativity, and not just any kind of creativity - His songs are all bright and energetic and brilliant in all the right ways. I love recordings with little subtleties and surprises, and all his music that he made all throughout his life has both.

Anyways, I don't want to ramble at all. Just wanted to remember and realize. Thanks for reading :)

love u mj

slappiddy slap chop guy

anyone seen this fucker?
"Making America skinny again...one slap at a time"
"Stop eating boring tuna. Start having a boring life."

June 16, 2009


Currently at home in northern california for a relaxing little break and river rafting trip with the family. It's always nice to come home, but given how fast the Sonos train is moving right now, it's hard not to feel a little bit antsy....asdl;fkjas;ldfjka

Yesterday we got to put our best "hello mirror, i'm going to pretend to be a model now" faces to use in an insane, amazing, super professional photo shoot. I really think the six of us looked and felt our best, thanks in huge part to the incredible team working with us....big thanks to Beth, Caitie, Hayley, Huge & the lovely hair & make-up ladies. We got to strut our stuff in some very beautiful and very expensive clothing and take all sorts of photos, group & individual, in an insane studio here in LA. Crazy hair, crazy make-up, designer clothes, coffee, bagels, Hugo's adorable kids stopping by to say hi and marvel at what the hell we were doing....what more could you ask for?

Shortly after I arrived home in Santa Rosa this morning, I dialed into a conference call with the rest of the gang for a very cool & detailed interview. The whole interview/talking/public speaking thing used to make me extremely nervous, but we're getting some great practice as a group and as individuals. I think we're all steadily improving & learning the more experience we have under our belts. It's an interesting process for us to discover what types of things people want to know, what's the best way to answer, and who's the best person to respond. Apart from common questions re: how we got together, how we choose the songs, what's the deal with the effects pedals, etc., we were asked some more detailed questions that made me really marvel at how far we've come. The fact that our album, due out Sept 15th, literally spans from songs recorded nearly three years ago, to songs recorded two weeks ago, is so crazy to me. It's like every song is a snapshot of a phase we have gone through...kind of like when you read old journal entries or look at old photos or read letters from old friends. Of course we still perform all of these songs, but many of them were recorded when we were a much different group. Some of the earliest tracks were recorded before we had ever performed, traveled overseas, recorded a music video, had crazy photoshoots, sung for record labels or even discussed the possibility of signing with a major label.

Though it feels like a long journey in ways, we have accomplished so much in what is relatively a very short time for a new band, or any serious project really. It makes me beyond excited to think about the next week, next few months, the next year. We have spent a long time developing this group, growing as artists together & honing our craft...slow & steady wins the race (go tortoise!!) We now have a finished album that we are all extremely proud of, and THAT is an incredible feeling.

June 14, 2009

playing dress-up

the six of us (now five of us... ben and his brother went for dinner) are in a little pink house in echo park, trying on all kinds of cloths. garments range from thrift store to "wow this jacket and my rent have the same price tag". all of it looks completely great and nothing like the contents of my closet.
strange and interesting fun.

Party Time

Last night was AMAZING. A big, sweaty dance party to celebrate our manager's wife's birthday. Studio 54 themed. It was great simply because it was a good party where the beer and wine flowed, the Goldfish and cookies crumbled and the music resounded through the Hollywood Hills. But more than that it was such a release for all of us Sonosians. The album is done. Liz got to be with her hubby, Hugo was able to stop working for few a hours, the band could replace working with each other with playing for the night. We all got to bond in the knowledge the the hard work as paid off. PS, Michael Jackson is f-ing amazing to dance to.

We start touring in a month. Kinda can't wait. Let the games begin.

June 12, 2009

Just finished Record

Just finished the final touches on the record and we're sending it away to the mastering people. (insert big sigh of relief here) I am sure I can speak for the rest of the peeps when I say that we are all incredibly proud of this record. Blood, sweat, and lots of Chipotle went into the making of this album. There will be a few surprises that freak you out on the record...in a good way. Some new surprise songs that you will totally dig. We have a big photo shoot coming up this Mon. and that means SHOPPING! .......woot......Actually, I am totally into someone telling me what to wear. Stylists need to style my life, then my life would be complete....not quite sure what that means....anyways, it's good times!!

June 9, 2009


So, if you haven't heard of failblog.org you are missing out of the best way to waste your time on the world wide interweb. best website of all time. i dare you not to pee yourself from laughter.

one of personal faves: http://failblog.org/page/2/

June 7, 2009

A Week Away

This'll be short cuz I have to be up in 6 hours to hop on a flight to go home. It's a few days of family time up in wine country. But let me let you in on what's going downtown Sonos-wise whilst I'm away.

Tonight. I recorded my part of our new secret (and final!) track of the album. Jess and Rach are probably still recording as I type this.

Tomorrow. The rest of the band lays down their shiz. Papa Huge, Hayley and the gang have a biz meeting to discuss biz. I'll be caught up via phone conference. (How CEO is that??)

Tuesday & Wednesday. Chris mixes the few remaining unmixed tracks for said album.

Thursday. Album is shipped off to be mastered by friend/amazing masterer (Mister Master, if you will) Ron.


That's right folks, in less than a week the Sonos debut album will be completely finished! You have no idea how long this has actually taken. It'll be an emotional thing for us all. This whole project started two years ago as a seed in the vegetable garden of our collective mind. Making it up as we went, Sonos realized itself over time into a legitimate band that has crossed county lines and international borders; we've been broadcast on air and on camera; we've shared stages and disc space with phenomenal artists. I'm super proud to have it all under our belt and can't wait to hop in the party van and share it with everyone on the road! I hope other people get excited too, I think that you will. Excitement is contagious. So is malaria, but not as fun.

Thanks for staying up on all things Sonos. I'll drink some wine for you!

June 5, 2009

Exciting times.

Looks like July is gonna be pretty full (tour dates to come) and I....can't.....wait. Paul and I are both....sick :( but clouds have silver lining. Being shut in has given me an opportunity to spend a little more time arranging. I hope the group is ready to do some beatboxing of their own, cuz it's gonna go down. On a side note......WHY IS EVERY ONE GETTING MARRIED!. Holy crap, I guess it's the season and all, but coming from someone who's been single for...ever.. it wears on the soul a bit. Anyways....get ready for some rad songs. Katerine and Jess sound re-diculous on Re: Stacks. You guys will pee.


June 4, 2009


so, i think i'm getting the hang of this :)

June 3, 2009

working a lot

these last few days, i've been working a lot.
a lot.
it's been great, but i'm starting to forget to do simple everyday things.
like eating.
or going to bed before it's light out.

looking forward to a break. =)

Sonos is on the brink of finishing like 3 new songs. They're gonna be awesome. So lookout!