June 16, 2009


Currently at home in northern california for a relaxing little break and river rafting trip with the family. It's always nice to come home, but given how fast the Sonos train is moving right now, it's hard not to feel a little bit antsy....asdl;fkjas;ldfjka

Yesterday we got to put our best "hello mirror, i'm going to pretend to be a model now" faces to use in an insane, amazing, super professional photo shoot. I really think the six of us looked and felt our best, thanks in huge part to the incredible team working with us....big thanks to Beth, Caitie, Hayley, Huge & the lovely hair & make-up ladies. We got to strut our stuff in some very beautiful and very expensive clothing and take all sorts of photos, group & individual, in an insane studio here in LA. Crazy hair, crazy make-up, designer clothes, coffee, bagels, Hugo's adorable kids stopping by to say hi and marvel at what the hell we were doing....what more could you ask for?

Shortly after I arrived home in Santa Rosa this morning, I dialed into a conference call with the rest of the gang for a very cool & detailed interview. The whole interview/talking/public speaking thing used to make me extremely nervous, but we're getting some great practice as a group and as individuals. I think we're all steadily improving & learning the more experience we have under our belts. It's an interesting process for us to discover what types of things people want to know, what's the best way to answer, and who's the best person to respond. Apart from common questions re: how we got together, how we choose the songs, what's the deal with the effects pedals, etc., we were asked some more detailed questions that made me really marvel at how far we've come. The fact that our album, due out Sept 15th, literally spans from songs recorded nearly three years ago, to songs recorded two weeks ago, is so crazy to me. It's like every song is a snapshot of a phase we have gone through...kind of like when you read old journal entries or look at old photos or read letters from old friends. Of course we still perform all of these songs, but many of them were recorded when we were a much different group. Some of the earliest tracks were recorded before we had ever performed, traveled overseas, recorded a music video, had crazy photoshoots, sung for record labels or even discussed the possibility of signing with a major label.

Though it feels like a long journey in ways, we have accomplished so much in what is relatively a very short time for a new band, or any serious project really. It makes me beyond excited to think about the next week, next few months, the next year. We have spent a long time developing this group, growing as artists together & honing our craft...slow & steady wins the race (go tortoise!!) We now have a finished album that we are all extremely proud of, and THAT is an incredible feeling.

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