June 7, 2009

A Week Away

This'll be short cuz I have to be up in 6 hours to hop on a flight to go home. It's a few days of family time up in wine country. But let me let you in on what's going downtown Sonos-wise whilst I'm away.

Tonight. I recorded my part of our new secret (and final!) track of the album. Jess and Rach are probably still recording as I type this.

Tomorrow. The rest of the band lays down their shiz. Papa Huge, Hayley and the gang have a biz meeting to discuss biz. I'll be caught up via phone conference. (How CEO is that??)

Tuesday & Wednesday. Chris mixes the few remaining unmixed tracks for said album.

Thursday. Album is shipped off to be mastered by friend/amazing masterer (Mister Master, if you will) Ron.


That's right folks, in less than a week the Sonos debut album will be completely finished! You have no idea how long this has actually taken. It'll be an emotional thing for us all. This whole project started two years ago as a seed in the vegetable garden of our collective mind. Making it up as we went, Sonos realized itself over time into a legitimate band that has crossed county lines and international borders; we've been broadcast on air and on camera; we've shared stages and disc space with phenomenal artists. I'm super proud to have it all under our belt and can't wait to hop in the party van and share it with everyone on the road! I hope other people get excited too, I think that you will. Excitement is contagious. So is malaria, but not as fun.

Thanks for staying up on all things Sonos. I'll drink some wine for you!

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