January 21, 2011

And then there were five...

Dearest friends & fans,

If you did not know already, it is with great sadness & love in our hearts that we let you all know that Paul will be leaving Sonos next month to pursue his passion for acting. His role in the formation, evolution and success of this group is undeniable and he will be greatly missed by us and fans alike. All five of us are honored to have shared the stage with him for three years, and are humbled to call him our best friend. We wish him nothing but the best and know he will succeed in following his dreams.

Catch Paul's last shows with Sonos on tour in the first half of February, concluding with a hometown Los Angeles show in the latter half of the month. Stay tuned for those details!!! You all must be there :)

As many of you are probably wondering, we will not be replacing Paul at this time and are moving forward with the five of us - with change, comes opportunity. It will be a new chapter for us, defined by original music from all five of us, a building rig of effects, and a new album in the fall. We have already begun to restructure our material for 5 people, incorporating more cool effects and in some cases reworking the arrangements a bit to bring them to a new, different place.

If you have curly red hair, crazy falsetto and are really, really funny, give us a call and we may change our minds ;) Seriously though, we thank you for the amazing support & look forward to showing you what the "new" Sonos has up its sleeve..

WE LOVE YOU PAUL PEGLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love love love,
jess, kathy, rach, ben & chris

PS - To keep up with Paul and his artistic endeveours, follow him on twitter@ppeglar or become of a facebook fan of his and Ben's music/comedy duo, Dakaboom. They are going places!!!!

** Also, if you did not already see it, Paul wrote a note of his own which you can read below, or here on facebook....

January 18, 2011

rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal

2nd rehearsal for the day. 1st in the morning for Gods and Marionettes. Chris has written some awesome new music for it :) You guys betta come out to see that shit :) It's pretty dope.
2nd rehearsal revamping existing material for 5. Lots of electronic stuff :) Very exciting!!

January 14, 2011

A Special Message from Paul

To all the fans I’ve met over the years; to all the people I’ve worked with and for; to the many nameless faces and faceless names who have supported us in a myriad of ways; and to family and friends of the band who have journeyed with us on this incredible ride…

I am writing to let you know the time has come for me to leave Sonos.

Beginning December 2006, my life took an unexpected turn toward a music career I never thought I’d have: from a wild idea to a four-year crash-course in business, psychology, artistry and self-exploration. I never could have imagined what awaited us as we ventured out on a path to reinvent a style of music that, lo and behold, finally has been given the attention it deserves. With great credit to Glee, The Sing Off, and Ed Helms from The Office, Sonos could not have emerged at a better time. We were heartily embraced by the a cappella community and widely accepted by those who had never heard the term ‘a cappella’ before. Across the country and across the pond to the UK, I have had the immense fortune of sharing my joy of singing with so many people. I have made numerous new friends and reconnected with precious old ones. I’ve worked with incredible talents and have been exposed to many more. I have seen beauty take many forms: the snowy mountains of Oregon and the river forests of Tennessee; groups of inspired high school and college students standing and cheering as they realize that their dreams are possible; and particularly the heart-warming comments from those who have been touched by our music. For all of this, I am eternally grateful.

So why am I leaving? I know this likely comes as a shock to many of you; it’s been a decision long in the making. Ultimately comes down to, “What am I really after?” Music has always been a huge part of my life and will undoubtedly continue to be so, but I’ve been acting as long as I have been singing. I went to school for it. It’s what I was pursuing before Sonos swept me off my feet. And ultimately, it’s what I want to do. Yes, I will miss touring. Yes, I will miss my band mates. And certainly yes, I will miss singing incredible arrangements of songs I’ve grown to love over and over again… and again. Certainly, I will miss sharing all of it with you, the fans we’ve garnered since that fateful November day in NYC when we first took to the stage. I sincerely hope to remain a part of the Sonos family, as it would crush me to lose touch with such a glorious community of people who share an appreciation and vivacity for the arts. You all have shaped me. Without my time in Sonos, I never would have been prepared to be the actor I hope now to be.

Jess, Kathy, Rachel, Ben and Chris – my Sonos compatriots – have become my family. Their passion both for work and life has made my experience nothing short of exciting. I have watched them all grow as people and as a band. The traveling, the performances, illnesses and arguments, the partying, the rehearsals, the deep conversations and mistakes – they are the memories, the breeding ground of preparedness that will allow them now to make Sonos even more a success in the coming years. I wish them nothing short of the best as they reinvent yet again what the human voice is capable of producing, and the great effect it will surely have on those who know, and the many thousands more yet to discover, the magic of Sonos. I love these five and will be rooting them on with the rest of the world.

And to our partner in crime, Hugo Vereker, whose grand ideas and unexplainable tenacity have gotten us to where we are: I thank you. Credit where credit is due, my friend.

I finish up my tenure with an incredible music-dance-theatre collaboration with Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company entitled Gods & Marionettes, Jan 29-30 at USC. The first two weeks of February will see Sonos on the road in the Midwest/east coast. My final performance will occur in Los Angeles upon our return. Details TBA.

Thank you, all of you, for everything you’ve given me by way of friendship, knowledge and support. I ask that you continue to give the same to Sonos once I’m gone. Some people fear change, but it is the best catalyst for improvement and rejuvenation. Be there to welcome them to the new heights they will soon hit; invite your friends. And if you’re ever missing me or just feeling sad, you should check these guys out (I hear they’re funny). www.facebook.com/thedakaboom :)

“Oh, what a world we live in…”

One of my faves from our unreleased photos.
"Sad, sad Sonos my butt."

Photo by Tyler Chesher


thinkin of my three little nieces and my adorable nephew

My sister-in-law, Amy, just posted this on FB. Made me miss those little ones and reminds to see wonder in every little thing. Fills my heart with gratitude and joy. Hope it does the same for you.

Nothing is trivial that concerns a child; his foolish-seeming words and ways are pregnant with meaning for the wise. It is in the infinitely little we must study the infinitely great...
--Charlotte Mason


grateful every day that we live HERE!!! doing a lot of hiking lately, getting way, way up above the scramble of everyday life in this city really puts things in perspective. RIP gym membership

xo jess

January 13, 2011


going in for the longest session of my life today. 3 songs. 6 hours. hope i still have a voice left. hurray! "2011 - Do Things!"

January 7, 2011



Gods and Marionettes rehearsals with the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company in New York City.

having a blast! =)