January 21, 2011

And then there were five...

Dearest friends & fans,

If you did not know already, it is with great sadness & love in our hearts that we let you all know that Paul will be leaving Sonos next month to pursue his passion for acting. His role in the formation, evolution and success of this group is undeniable and he will be greatly missed by us and fans alike. All five of us are honored to have shared the stage with him for three years, and are humbled to call him our best friend. We wish him nothing but the best and know he will succeed in following his dreams.

Catch Paul's last shows with Sonos on tour in the first half of February, concluding with a hometown Los Angeles show in the latter half of the month. Stay tuned for those details!!! You all must be there :)

As many of you are probably wondering, we will not be replacing Paul at this time and are moving forward with the five of us - with change, comes opportunity. It will be a new chapter for us, defined by original music from all five of us, a building rig of effects, and a new album in the fall. We have already begun to restructure our material for 5 people, incorporating more cool effects and in some cases reworking the arrangements a bit to bring them to a new, different place.

If you have curly red hair, crazy falsetto and are really, really funny, give us a call and we may change our minds ;) Seriously though, we thank you for the amazing support & look forward to showing you what the "new" Sonos has up its sleeve..

WE LOVE YOU PAUL PEGLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love love love,
jess, kathy, rach, ben & chris

PS - To keep up with Paul and his artistic endeveours, follow him on twitter@ppeglar or become of a facebook fan of his and Ben's music/comedy duo, Dakaboom. They are going places!!!!

** Also, if you did not already see it, Paul wrote a note of his own which you can read below, or here on facebook....

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