September 28, 2010

the road makes one tired

got home last night, slept on a friend's couch.
excited to sing with miz bareilles tonight!

also, the folks in Bartlett take amazing care of their visitors.
also-also, the folks at Saint Francis College in Fort Wayne, Indiana are the coolest people ever.

September 21, 2010

just saw mike white at starbucks.

i tip my hat to the man.
were it not for "school of rock", where would "i carly" be?

but, for serious, that movie is awesome and what a talented dude!

September 9, 2010

back on the road!

in the Comfort Inn & Suites in Boston.
brought these toys with me...

hoping to recapture the happy, loose, fun spirit of music writing and playing after so much super-focused under-the-gun work on the xmas record (which i am quite proud of! just wait...) =)

love from the road!

they got pretty good water here in Boston

that's all. it's nice to fill my water bottle with tap water that doesn't taste like metal. :) weeeeeeeee!

ben and the ladies, ice cream in boston

September 7, 2010

being a grown up musician

i am officially a grown up musician. just signed up for an ASCAP publishing company. Priscilla Ray Music. named after my grandmother. of course we share the same name practically so it works out nicely :) let the royalties begin!! :D

September 6, 2010


it's 4:30 am, i'm home from a 3 hour spell in the recording studio with a college group.
i have not properly slept in many nights.

but the record is done!
and it's good, which i think counts for something. =)

so now, instead of going straight to bed, i'm blogging and listening to Julian Casablancas (if you haven't yet, do it!

(while we're on the topic, listen to this too. don't think about it. just do it.

ok. sleep. it's a real thing.