October 30, 2010

sonos: some terms invented on the road

complimentary internet frequently offered at inexpensive motels

when said complimentary internet is far too slow or inconstant to be useful for any sort of internet activity

the beautiful and perfect union of a Target and a Starbucks

see "starget"

October 26, 2010

Kettering, OH

we wanna come back again and again and again and again

wow. i honestly had no intention of making a stupid song-pun just then.
...until i got to the fourth "again". by that point, i feel like it was probably inevitable.

tonight we played a show in Kettering, OH.
with like 2 days notice, they rally'd and filled the place. so many mega-supportive fans under one roof!!!
so awesome. definitely one of my top 10 gigs ever.

thank you Kettering. bring us back soon!!! =)

about to leave Columbus, OH

did a showcase this morning at 9am (a GREAT time to sing!) and are now about to leave for Kettering, where we're sing at an awesome High School where we played once before to a super-excited, very friendly audience.

also, i'm going to attempt video blogging, or "vlogging" (please punch me if i ever use that word with out quotation marks, on the page or in the air)

here's a link...


i tried to check it and got an error message. am i getting old enough that simple computer technology is beginning to elude me?
...i think no. i am thinking it is, instead, that it is still early and i am tired.

this next piece of info is included in the "vlog" (ahhh!) but just in case it never finishes loading or whathaveyou, we shot a music video for "Come December" two nights ago, directed and edited by Paul. it was fun and it will rock. =)

ok. check out is in one minute. i'm leaving. but i love you.

October 20, 2010


Lots and lots is happening and wow it's been forever since anyone but chris has blogged! way to go chris!!

As you have probably seen on our various other social networking sites, we are proud & excited to announce that our holiday album, December Songs, which we recorded this past summer in the smoggy LA heat, is being released on Nov 9th!

You can pre-order it through Amazon, right here, right now :) do it!


October 15, 2010



(backstage in a theater, in a hotel, in Lancaster, PA)

we've got the "MC slot" at this particular NACA conference, which means the audience of college folk get to hear us in delicious bite-sized chunks, 4 minutes at a time, separated by the other acts. it would seem to me this would be the absolute BEST way to let people get to know our music. hearing 10 or 15 straight minutes of our show when you've no idea what to expect, and there are straight-ahead bands on either side of our set, i think it's hard for us to leave any impression other than "...huh?"

wish us luck!

singing at NACA

in Lancaster, PA.
where they pronounce it:
"lang kister"
which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
everyone here's super-nice, and our hotel was one of the schmancy'est we've stayed at in a long time.
on another note, everyone go to hulu and watch BOTH versions of 30 ROCKs live show from last night.
those people are rad.