December 11, 2009

Dance to the Music

Yes, I Google myself from time to time. Don't tell me you haven't. Oftentimes it has led to me discovering something I didn't even expect to find. Just moments ago I was scouring YouTube for Sonos. What follows is the last thing I expected...

Suffice it to say that was pretty cool. Weird, seeing us out of the context of my iTunes player or live: at rehearsal. I often forget that other people know our music; that strangers have purchased this album and God forbid listen to it once and a while. But here we have people DANCING to it. You hear that world? People are dancing to a cappella!

What marks this as particularly timely is that this ballet class was not the first one with this idea. In the new year, we will be embarking on a live collaboration with the LA Contemporary Dance Co. ( and stage/opera director David Bridel, part of which will premiere at the Ford Amphitheater in the summer.

Back in my days of cruise ship barbershop or high school jazz choir, the notion of people moving to vocal music was distant. Now it's only a mouse click away.

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