December 20, 2009

Going Home for the Holidays

In the Dallas airport, heading back to the land of Tele-evangelists and sod farmers. Quite a change from LA. Haha!

So, my flight was at 6 am this morning... Yeah, I'm not sure what possesed me to do that? Not sure how I thought, "Perfect! Great idea!" And now here I am, running on teeny tiny hours of sleep and (of course, and Kathy, you will totally understand this) Starbucks coffee.

I just feel sorry for my neighbors on the last plane, I'm just sure I drooled on them. At one point I woke up to them laughing at me because me head kept falling over. You know the point of exhaustion where you loose muscle control. Your body is yelling at you "lie the fuck down, dammit".

I don't blame them for laughing. Dude, that shit is hilarious.I only wish it had been flip cammed by Paul! Hahaha! Brilliant.

Actually, though, there may be a good chance of that happening because in January we are off on the road again until the summer basically. Flip cam footage will be bursting at the seams! And I'm sure many histarical, embarrassing, and wonderful moments will be captured for all you lovelies to see :)

Oh and p.s. Pumpkin
Spice?? Best fuckin' coffee on the planet. If you have not done so you must put it on your insides. Do it now!! :)

Off to get on the plane to head to Tulsa. Wonder if the Christmas tree is already the past we have waited until Christmas Eve and the tree ends up being one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees. You know - "All it needs is a little love." Those are the best:)

Merry Christmas!Happy Chanukkah! Happy Kwanza! The whole nine yards! But more importantly, "Peace on Earth." Xx
Love love love

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