May 12, 2009


Lately I've been super into reading interviews with artists whose music I love. Usually I search around for blogs, journals, magazine interviews, whatever, with my favorite artists, and spend time reading some incredibly inspirational & insightful stuff. It's comforting to hear people who are where you want to be talking about what their life is like, what they struggle with, how they stay inspired, how they got to where they are, etc. Often the artists I admire most are dealing with some of the same thoughts & emotions we are going through as we enter into this crazy, exhilarating lifestyle of being professional artists. 

Anyone who knows me remotely well is aware of my healthy obsession with Kurt Elling. He is THE modern jazz singer, and both his music & his insight into his own artistic process & influences astounds me. To me he is one of those rare artists you may come across in your life, who you feel is truly singing & saying everything you feel deep down but can't express on your own. I read this little snippet tonight in regards to advice for aspiring musicians & I felt it an appropriate response to Paul's blog earlier this evening....

"As with any art form, I feel strongly that people do not "choose" to be artists. They are chosen to be - they have no choice. If this is so for any person, then that person will do whatever work it takes, engage whatever discipline, and overcome any obstacles in life to become what they are called to be. Above all that person will believe in the work, will accept the difficulties, and will be rewarded by the creation of whatever they are called to make. To be a professional is to have already crossed the finish line; it is to have already won." - ke

** if you're interested in reading more of what he has to say about his background, influences & INCREDIBLE music, check out his Q&A section HERE!   *****

thank you for indulging me :)

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  1. I played Sonos in the listening time for my high school vocal jazz choir today. They loved it and I think you have new fans. :)