May 19, 2009

Be Prepared*

We got a lot done today. Delved in to a couple of our songs, really found out what we're trying to convey, what story we're telling. Today was my day. I got to create a visual landscape for the Rufus song, elucidate the origin of the song and what I'm trying to bring to the performance of it. The group got a lot out of just discussing what we all hear, see, feel about the song. Immediately after the creative discourse, our performance felt enhanced by at least 50%. I felt more connected to it; I could better communicate out because I had something actual to say. We're not just a band of musicians; we're not dazzling, theatrical spectacle either We're an odd entity meant to live in between incredible musicianship and entertaining performance. The six of us have only been together six or so months and have done less than 20 gigs. It was a good ramp up to the place we strive to be now - uber prepared and uber polished. We've purposefully remained off stage for a month to take our time with this next step. But I think we're ready to get back in front of what always seems to be an enthusiastic crowd and do what we love to do.

I love our audiences because they're supportive as balls, yes, but also because they're never the same. We have people who've seen almost every gig and yet we meet new fans after every show. For me, it's a blessing to get to reach out to new people and connect with them, both on stage and off. It's a chance to reengage the familiar faces and entice the new ones. If you're ever at a show, say hello afterward - it's a real treat.

*The Lion King is an excellent movie.

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  1. wow... i have told a lot of groups that they should do that.... but, it's not like many of them actually DO it!!! so great...... i love your willingness to learn and grow!