May 11, 2009

All in a day's work

We just got done backing up our friend Laura for a label showcase. Aaaaand it's safe to say she rocked it. In the few hours leading up to the big show, I had a moment while Chris and I were sharing a Corona.* (Not true, we each had our own, but the word 'sharing' indicates camaraderie, of which this particular moment had much). I saw the six of us hanging around enjoying each other's company and the delectable day and realized, "We are at work." This is our job. These are the appointments we have to keep clear in our calendar. I'm not saying all that we do is 'easy' or 'simple' but I'd be remiss in saying it sucks. I love my job; I love that Sonos takes up most of my time. I love sharing music and moments with this bunch of humans. I am grateful. That is all. Message stop.

*This anecdote does not condone performing under the influence. But c'mon, one beer.

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