May 24, 2009


Listening to some new music today and it made me think about how great certain lyrics can be, especially when they are simple. I love poetic lyrics, but sometimes an explanatory lyric that gets right to the point is so refreshing. Here are some lyrics from songs/artists that I'm into right now, as well as some classic favorites:

... I call you up by the lamplight, confess to you like a sister...
Gabriel Mann, from "When We Are One"

... Let me speak, let me spit out my bitterness. Born of grief and nights without sleep, and festering flesh...
- Joni Mitchell, from "The Sire of Sorrow"

... Was it something I said or that I didn't do? Was all I had not enough for you?
- Martin Sexton, from "Where did I go Wrong"

That's all for now. Possibly I'll post some more when they dawn on me. By the way, if you've never heard that Joni Mitchell song, it's out of this world, and the rest of the lyrics are breathtaking.


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