February 17, 2010

where we're goin and where we've been

Hello Sonos followers of the world :) It's been far too long since we gave you a real solid update of our whereabouts and whatabouts. We've been going strong for over a month now, with the exception of a few sunny days at home in LA filled with sleep, homecooked food, exercise and lots of laundry. The past month has taken us all over the country (and the UK!) - Charlottesvile VA, Washington DC, Park City UT for the Sundance Film Festival, London, Glasgow (funny story here for another time), Seattle, Northampton MA, Boston and NYC!

Because our most recent photos aren't on my computer at the moment, let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start :) In mid-January we were honored to have the opportunity to do a live session on NPR's Weekend Edition. What a cool experience to be in the NPR headquarters in DC!! Everyone and everything in there seemed..well, important. It was pretty surreal to think about the fact that in a few weeks, we would hear ourselves on a show that millions of people tune into. Everyone there was so welcoming & had some very nice things to say about our album. Not to mention the studio was baddddaaaassss. We each had some awesome headphone mixers so we could hear ourselves & each other better than ever, and did a performance+interview with host Liane Hansen. We performed White Winter Hymnal, I Want You Back, and a newer addition to our rep, Chris Issak's Wicked Game, as a bonus track for their website. Woo!

Big thanks to NPR & everyone that tuned in to listen for us :) If you missed it, check this link!

As you can probably guess, we fly on airplanes a lot. A lot. Sometimes we're lucky enough to fly around so much that we somehow pass through 4 states in one day, or eat what feels like 5 meals a day because of time changes. We also sometimes have to wake up very early and sleepwalk through the airport. I'm not sure where this was, or why I wasn't sleeping, but here is everyone else napping somewhere in the world. Aren't they cute???

The next blogworthy stop on our tour was performing at the ASCAP Music Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Talk about a beautiful place!! Not to mention lots of beautiful people and beautiful films, though we didn't get to see any of the latter :( There were few celebrity sightings but of the 3 famous people we saw, 2 were actors from the HBO vampire extravaganza show TRUE BLOOD (which Kathy is a gigantic fan of) so that was pretty exciting! The drive from our hotel in Salt Lake to the festival in Park City was beautiful - majestic snow covered mountains everywhere which we will post pictures of later. It snowed most of the time we were there so we had a lot of fun frolicking around outside. Hats, mittens, free hot chocolate, snowflakes that stayed on our nose and eyelashes..wow didn't I already reference Sound of Music in here??

Anyways we had two gigs while at Sundance, both of which were lovely & led to us meeting a lot of great people. Thanks to Loretta & ASCAP for inviting us to the event!!

badass picture of just paul...just because..

After Sundance we sprinted off to the United Kingdom - and that is where my story ends! Someone better pick up where I left off soon, because there are so many great stories & photos from our days in London & Glasglow, as well as the past couple weeks back in the US. Don't want to leave you hanging for too long :)

peace & love to all our fans!! xo

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