February 24, 2010

American Airlines = HORRIBLE

AA strikes again.
Rach has a brand new bag. It is a carry-on. As she was carrying it onto the plane, the attendant at the gate suggested she check the bag to leave more room on board. She complied. We arrived an hour ago in White Plains, NY to find her bag on the carousel, the lid soaked in an oily (perhaps flamable) liquid. The lid was soaked through, damaging two pieces of clothing and perhaps also the $400 of FX pedals inside. In speaking with the local representative, we were informed that they assume no accountability. That they're sorry but there's nothing they can do.

Maybe the folks creating policy for American Airlines are vindictive. Maybe they're greedy and apathetic towards their economy customers. Perhaps they are border-line retarded. At any rate, their Zero Accountability attitude regarding destruction of a passenger's property makes me throw up in my mouth.

Stay tuned for more AA bullshit behavior, certainly yet to come...

1 comment:

  1. That is ridiculous. I suggest tweeting about it and @-replying to American Airlines (can't search on Twitter for them right now or I'd get it for you). For whatever reason, Twitter seems to be one of the better ways to contact customer service these days.