February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

So yah, we're not great at blogging on the road. We always talk about great ideas and then are tired from the road. We promise to work on this and bring to you readers (all 16 of you...?) some classic Sonos shenanigans (Sonoshenanigans) soon! The backlog of useable material includes stories about:

-Paul losing the rental van; finding it; then breaking it; then fixing it for $28
-getting lost in Kentucky at 2am... on empty
-Jess getting hit on by Santa at LAX
-the Russian guy who changed his flight just to hear us in London
-our sold out show in Seattle and the debaucherous costume party that followed
-rehearsing/vocal jamming with the LA Contemporary Dance Company
-Ben saying he'd "slice your tits off" on stage*
-Drunk Scottish Heckler

So many more. But we're leaving NYC on our way to Boston. In the car will commence our first annual Sonos Valentines Day Celebration. We all bought candy and cards like 3rd graders and plan on exchanging them tonight. Cuz we're rock stars.

In the mean time, here's a quick video from our rehearsal with Young @ Heart. So many stories from this day. And so many videos on the way.

*He was following orders

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