August 27, 2009

A Little Help from our Friends!

So in anticipation for our album release on September 15, we wanted to reach out to our friends, family, and of course our FANS with some reminders :)

Most importantly, our newest single, "Everything in its Right Place" is available on itunes! I know it's a little confusing because it was available a while ago, then was taken down, and is now back up again! Wooooooohooooooooo! We REALLY need as many ratings & reviews as possible, so if you all could take the time to buy, rate, & review, we would appreciate it sooooooo much! Here is the link:

Also, "I Want You Back" is still up there, so if you haven't bought, rated, & reviewed it, please don't hesitate to do that as well :) So many requests I know, but so worth it!

AND don't forget to keep up with everything Sonos & follow us on Twitter ( You'll be able to read fascinating things like how I think we should be on True Blood as the Bon Temps a cappella group, or see funny pictures of pedal boards & feet. HOW LOVELY!

Let's seeeeeeee........... can't think of anything else right now. BUT I promise everyone who rates & reviews EIIRP a BIG FAT KISS! How's that?

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