March 11, 2009

Halfway through

Sitting in a quaint two-story home in the Turnpike Lane area of London, I sat down for a scrambled eggs/baked beans breakfast with some hot PG Tips and conversation about the loose immigration policy of Britain and the pros and cons of the Twilight series.

Three performances down, four or so left to go. The weather has been incredible- so blessed! It's rained only when we've been inside and hasn't been unbearably cold. Already, we've met incredibly gracious people who've all had wonderful things to say about Sonos. I'm staying with cruise ship friends (thank you Hannah and Kate!) and ran into someone I haven't seen in 11 years!

I've seen the Buckingham guards do their walk, I've rode (ridden?) a double decker bus, walked Holland Park night #1 had a pint of London Pride ale. I'm off to lunch and load-in for our second public gig at St. Giles Church near legendary Tin Pan Alley. More later.

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