August 31, 2010

new music does a body good

go to the link above to preview sara bareilles' new album, kaleidoscope heart, officially released this coming tuesday. she's a huge inspiration and waking up to a whole new stash of sara songs to obsess over is is like christmas morning!!!!!! my favorites so far are gonna get over you, basket case and breathe again, though they will all end up being my favorites as with her last album.

speaking of christmas, chris is working like the wizard he is on final mixes of the holiday album! i believe it'll be done in the next day or two, and i know i speak for all of us when i say we are so thankful and inspired by all of his extra work & talent that really brings all these recordings to the next level. WE LOVE YA CHRIS!!

i've been listening to a lot of new music in the past few days and wow does it feel good. a lot of it has been the music of good friends or friends of friends, and that makes it even more special :) now off for a walk in the neighborhood and some arranging with ms. katharine hoye

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