August 21, 2010

Holiday Album Cover Art

Just got back to the hotel in Philadelphia (or 30 minutes outside of it). It is VERY warm here. Not hot. Just warm. And very much so. Humid, I suppose. The weather is hugging me tightly.

With a few days between now and our next show, we're charged with deciding on the cover art for our holiday album. At the moment, we're torn between a wintery photo of us (which is hard to get in August), a photo of something else wintery, like a tree in snow er somethin, or my idea today; a photo of some of our stage FX wrapped in christmas lights.



  1. A picture of all of you, dressed in winter clothes, in the desert, wrapped in Christmas lights.

  2. I wonder if you could compose a tilt-shift-ized photo of yourselves into a winter model railroad set?