August 27, 2010

i just organized

what feels like my whole life in a spreadsheet on the plane ride home.


i now have a step-by-step breakdown of:

-what i'm going to do to finish the Sonos Holiday record

-transferring automated bill pay out of my name (i just moved)

-how i'm going to develop music ideas for Sonos Record #2

-getting back to clients at the studio

-returning calls/texts/emails from weeks ago

-throwing specific things away that i never use and have saved out of a weird sympathy for inanimate objects

-how i want to develop visual ideas for future albums, live shows, etc

-how fast i'm going to read the next few books on my list

-making a doctor's appointment

...bla bla bla...

...and it's all sorted neatly on googledocs!

if google ever goes down, i'll immediately revert to age 17 so far as organization is concerned.

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