June 25, 2009


Today made me very sad :(

I wanted to write a little something about Michael Jackson, because it seemed appropriate, if not necessary. Obviously we (Sonos) have a special place for Michael & co. because of our cover of "I Want You Back", but I think I speak for everyone when I say that he was a huge inspiration to all of us even before we did that cover. It's been a really weird day to say the least, and figuring out how to deal with this surely is a struggle for everybody. I thought it would be best to share a few of my favorite songs, etc., and remember and realize that he was so so wonderful.

Believe it or not, my first concert ever was a Michael Jackson concert. I was probably about 5 or 6, and my family lived in London at the time. My mother took me to the concert, and although I don't remember much, I do remember having an amazing time, not only watching the show, but also realizing for the first time the majestic level of grandeur that a live musical event could rise to (although I'm sure at 6 years old it didn't quite go through my brain like that). We were sitting so far away, and the guy next to us gave us some binoculars to look through. I'm sure somewhere my mom as photos or a ticket stub that it would be so cool to get my hands on.

I think Michael Jackson is one of the few people/artists whose music is known & loved by LITERALLY everybody in the world. How cool is that? At a club or a party, everybody wants to dance to his songs. I really feel like he created undeniable magic through his music, and especially when he performed.

There are obviously sooooooooooooo many amazing MJ songs, but here are some of my favs (in no particular order):

- Thriller: Duh. This is every one's favorite. One thing that goes unnoticed in this song is the series of crazy harmonic changes that happen towards the end, at the end of one of the choruses. They are SO COOL! Seriously go listen if you have never noticed.

- Man in the Mirror: So so wonderful. It would be nice to give this a listen again, especially today. I think this song is especially inspiring.

- Rock With You: One of the first MJ songs I fell in love with, but again didn't realize its complexity until later on. It's such good pop music, and I love love love all the complex chords - I know that sounds nerdy but come one. It's all so tasty.

I guess that is one of the main reasons why I love MJ. All my life I've mainly listened to two kinds of music: Pop and Jazz (separately, not my fav when they are distastefully combined). One thing that is so often lacking in pop music is musical complexity - Sometimes it seems like writers get lazy, and in so many pop songs it seems like there is just a plain lack of creativity. BUT NEVER in Michael's songs. Instead I feel like every single one is bursting with creativity, and not just any kind of creativity - His songs are all bright and energetic and brilliant in all the right ways. I love recordings with little subtleties and surprises, and all his music that he made all throughout his life has both.

Anyways, I don't want to ramble at all. Just wanted to remember and realize. Thanks for reading :)

love u mj


  1. Were you on Mountain Stage today singing a Michael Jackson song? I think I heard that...but wasn't sure it was a Michael Jackson song...

    If so, please tell me which song...it was only half familiar and I forgot...

  2. beautiful words, my beautiful kathy :-) loved celebrating his music today with you ladies. every time you perform i want you back, he'll be watching and smiling.
    ps. we should watch captain eo on sunday night :-)

  3. I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, minding my own business when I heard the most melodious sound I've heard in a long time. I rushed to the music section (which of course was on the other side of the store) to ask the manager of that department what was playing. He guided me to a cardboard covered cd entitled "Sunday Music 6." I looked on the back and read "I want you back" by Sonos. I was floored. Of course I went to work and looked you all up. All I can say is...please, for the sake of what used to be music, NEVER STOP SINGING!