March 18, 2010

spriiiiiing is coming

Back home in LA for a few weeks and woooow is it beautiful here. The more time I spend outside of California, the more beauty I see in it & the more I feel that I might never leave. Two nights ago we returned from the chilly midwest to 80 degree weather here in southern California...SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!! As are beach days, a lady gaga cover, sonos originals, more US tour dates and some awesome this..

photography by begley & clark

If you haven't already caught this on our facebook page, here's a treat for you :) A sneak peek video of a collaborative project we're doing with the incredible L.A. Contemporary Dance Company. Follow the link below to watch the vid

"Gods & Marionettes"
created by LACDC, Sonos & David Bridel
premiering at the Ford Amphitheatre on June 18 2010. Don't miss it!

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