January 21, 2010

snuggled up in the airport

There are two things I cannot do. Control the weather and fly airplanes. Ahhh must add to my to do list.

So the six of us are sitting on the floor @ the Burbank Airport (weather delays in LA???) wishing we were en route to Vegas where we would then toast to a safe flight, waste money on the slots in the terminal and hop on another flight to snowy Salt Lake City for two gigs at Sundance!! Instead we're waiting in the airport....an activity that transcends time and space, where only the most pleasant emotions swirl around in the air...anxiety, anger and boredom. Did I mention boredom?

In all seriousness, we are in great spirits :) I really just wish I had a pink Snuggie right now.

** Disclaimer: This Snuggie is not mine...though I wish it was!! Why do they get such a bad rap? They are amazing. This Snuggie was generously provided by Ben's brother Lincoln who we stayed with in DC, and as he pointed out, it's really just a robe worn backwards. Duh. I want one.

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