March 16, 2011

kicking it into high gear..aka in the pants

I rather like this little band of singers :)

With the making of "Sonosings", we experienced so many amazing things...being on NPR's morning edition with Leanne Hansen, Chris Douridas' (KCRW) top album of 2009, Studio 360 with Kurt Anderson, collabs with Ozomatli and Anne Lit of KCRW, the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Co., along with doing some amazing music festivals including Sundance and SXSW this year! We were also fortunate to gain support from Verve Music Group enabling us to build a wonderful family of fans as we have toured the country for the past two years. We are continually astounded and eternally grateful for all the support we experience for making music. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This spring, we are beginning to write and record our next album. We are riding the wave of inspiriation and kicking it into high gear, pursuing the creation of progressive, inspiring, vocal music. This album is going to be one of kind, with everything written, recorded, and mixed by us "without the assistance or influence of a label, a bank, or a fairy godmother". (Nice one, Chris)

With the creation of this album, there is opportunity for tremendous growth. Our goal is, not only to push our musical creatively, but also to widen our sphere of influence. We are challenging ourselves to fine tune and invigorate our live shows with precision and energy that will set us apart as a force to be reckoned with. We are pushing ourselves to write music that inspires, intrigues, and brings joy to people. Striving for television and film placements, in ear monitoring systems, expansive live effects rigs, and more musical collaborations are a few of the goals that we are aiming to achieve in this next phase.

Another really cool thing we're doing is Kickstarter. Kickstarter is "a new way to fund creative ideas". Basically this means that our fans - you! our true supporters - are able to get in on the production ground floor. If you love the music we are making, if you love seeing us live, if you want to be part of the vocal music movement, you can join us in our "Grassroots Project". This gives you a real, material, physical way to support independent music creation and support Sonos. :)

We are so proud and blessed to have such wonderful fans. We can't wait to take this journey with you and share all the new music and new experiences with you!! Love and Peace, Sonos


  1. Link to the Kickstarter campaign? Pretty please?


    Oops! Sorry :(