November 4, 2010

"Winter Album's coming the goose is getting fat...

Please put a penny in the Sonos hat
If you haven't got a penny a million bucks will do
If you haven't got a million bucks it sucks for me and you."

I hope you recognize that old carol cause if you don't then the joke doesn't work one bit. Hahaha!

Hi! December Songs is almost out!!! woooohooooooo! But you can pre-order it on Amazon and listen to clips of the songs. Check it out and write a review - those really make a big difference. You, the fans, make the biggest difference. So tell your friends and coworkers and lets get this buzz going!!

Rachel from Sonos

1 comment:

  1. I don't know the carol but I still liked it. So I disagree; the joke still works one bit. Maybe not TWO bits, but still. :) Yay.