October 26, 2010

about to leave Columbus, OH

did a showcase this morning at 9am (a GREAT time to sing!) and are now about to leave for Kettering, where we're sing at an awesome High School where we played once before to a super-excited, very friendly audience.

also, i'm going to attempt video blogging, or "vlogging" (please punch me if i ever use that word with out quotation marks, on the page or in the air)

here's a link...


i tried to check it and got an error message. am i getting old enough that simple computer technology is beginning to elude me?
...i think no. i am thinking it is, instead, that it is still early and i am tired.

this next piece of info is included in the "vlog" (ahhh!) but just in case it never finishes loading or whathaveyou, we shot a music video for "Come December" two nights ago, directed and edited by Paul. it was fun and it will rock. =)

ok. check out is in one minute. i'm leaving. but i love you.

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