July 11, 2010

adventure tour

it is now officially sunday (because it's 12:10am)
we're in Bend, Oregon which has become one of our famous places on earth.

in review, this tour has consisted of:
-a 2am arrival at a hostel (which we thought was a hotel) whose check-in time ends at 10pm, where in which we woke the security guard who found it in his heart to check us in anyway
-rachel slicing her foot open in a sorta-dirty river in Tennessee
-paul getting his wallet stolen (same river)
-the 4am check-in at the Budget Inn on Holloway in Durham, NC, which turned out to be a crack/whore house, where in which rachel was propositioned by a gentleman from his car who thought her a prostitute, and Ben was grabbed at the shoulder by a cop who told him "do not stay here. you do not belong here. it is not safe here".
-the girls discovered a live scorpion in their room here at the Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend, which ben and i promptly trapped with a glass and a cutting board, and relocated it back to nature (our backyard).

in light of these events, i'd like to designate this tour, "adventure tour".


  1. Sonos goes hardcore... more tonight at 6.

  2. I want all the details!!! Plz.

  3. We loved seeing you in Salem and Bend! For a second there I felt like we were (briefly) touring with the band. Hopefully you can do another adventure tour through Oregon in the not too distant future. Take care, all!

  4. dear chris from sonos,

    is Bend, OR one of your "famous" places?
    or one of your "favorite" places?

    maybe proof-read sometimes...

    -chris from sonos