May 7, 2010

Colorado airport

Rach is arranging, Paul and Kathy are Vlogging (perhaps my favorite 21st century quasi-word) and I am missing LA a little. I miss Sterling and Sunkrish and all their ridiculous antics, Mani's Bakery Cafe, Swingers, Venice Beach, Govinda's, Enzo's, Diddy Reese, (not that I can indulge in those whilst I'm no-bread-no-sugar'ing), let's see... What else?

I miss a quiet space to write, arrange, and mix. I miss Jesse, Carly, Will, Kate, and David.

I do, however, absolutely love that my internal clock has completely unwound. I can no longer feel what time it is or accurately guess what day it is. The 24 hour day, the 7 day week, the 30.42 day month, have all been replaced by two measurements of time:

On-the-Road & Off-the-Road

My internal calendar now follows two inconsistant, ever-fluctuating units of time that represent performance and rest. It should probably make me feel crazy (and eventually might) but for now it feels like I've rid myself of an outdated system that is useless to me, and I'm now running on a custom christopher-clock.

Hooray for tour!!!


  1. You're doing that no bread no sugar thing? You are crazypants. Or maybe you just have a lot of willpower. Mmmm this ice cream with a crumbled thin mint is delicious...

    When are y'all gonna get your butts back to the bay?

  2. mmm diddy. feel you on that one, chris!