April 21, 2009

It's been a while

But that's kind of a good thing. It means we've been busy. We recorded two new songs, arranged three others and leave in 6 hours for West Virginia to open for Neko Case. In fact, I shouldn't be up blogging right now, but here I am procrastinating even from sleep; the very little sleep I would otherwise get before waking up in 4 hours to head to LAX. My guilty conscious coerced me into writing since April had almost come and gone with but one sarcastic posting from us. (Well, me.) Record deal negotiations are still happening, and all future plans are lilting above us in an air of uncertainty. But it's exciting living in the unknown. A sense of freedom blended tastily with a tinge of eagerness. Is anyone watching 24, btw? Shit goes down in last week's episode. Tonight's episode just aired, but since I watch all my TV on Hulu.com I won't see it until we get back from the trip. No one say anything!

Good night.

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